1. How to remove lipstick from your glassware

    Most pubs want to attract as many women as possible to drink within their establishments. More women will usually encourage more men (more drinks sold) and an envious pub atmosphere that every publican wants to achieve. Having more women...
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  2. Tannin Problems

    Tannin Problems
    What is Tannin? Tannin is a chemical that naturally exists in tea and coffee as well as wine and other alcoholic beverages. It can stain crockery and leaves a messy brown ring around mugs and splotchy marks on saucers. A common misconception is that bleaching will make the stains go away, but it only makes them invisible, it doesn't remove the stain. The stain is still in the glass or cup and will affect beer head retention and will aff...
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  3. Pink Slime Build Up on Machine Interior

    What causes Pink Slime to build up inside your machine? Pink or orange slime can build up within your machine during normal usage. This is perfectly normal and simple to clean, although can be a sign that chemical dosage is slightly higher than it should be. What should you do? It is a good housekeeping practice to wash out your machine once a week with a chemical such as JPC1 Defense Liquid Cleaner Sanitiser from Jeyes Professional. Simply wipe do...
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  4. Basic Fault Finding

    The following are some generic troubleshooting solutions to common issues that might occur with most machines. Please check the instruction manual that came with your machine for specific troubleshooting instructions for your own machine. Machine will not empty A – Does the Machine have a drain pump fitted? Hold the waste pipe in the air, and remove the drain plug. Lay pipe straight on the floor into a drain or dish and see if anything comes ou...
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  5. Glass Conditions & the Effect on Quality of Beer Pints

    The following images are taken from an experiment by one of our supplies, examining the effects of limescale, lip stick, excessive rinse aid, heat and dirty glass washers on the quality of beer in glasses. They all use lager poured into a 'head retainer' glass, which has nucleation points etched into the base of the glass to promote foam generation. Good Clean Glass ...
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