Commercial Glasswashers for Pubs & Bars

Industrial Warewashers is the UK’s largest commercial glasswasher stockist specialising in commercial glasswashers and dishwahers. Glasswashers provide a quick and easy way to clean your glassware with fast wash cycles helping to provide a constant stream of clean glasses. Glass washers are an essential for busy bars and restaurants where hand washing is not an efficient solution. We have a large selection of glasswashers from all the top commercial brands including Winterhalter, Miele, Classeq, Hobart, Sammic and more.

Glasswasher Buying Guide

Small Glasswashers

Featuring a 350 x 350mm basket they are ideal for cafes and coffee shops, capable of washing up to 12-pint glasses per cycle.

From Only £469

Medium Glasswashers

Featuring a 400 x 400mm basket and increased door-entry height they can wash up to 16 taller pint glasses per wash cycle.

From Only £599

Large Glasswashers

Featuring a 500 x 500mm basket they are the best machine for larger businesses, capable of washing 25 pint glasses per cycle.

From Only £799

Brush Glasswashers

Manual glasswashers can be installed inside sinks and are great for mobile catering and extending pre-wash routines.

From Only £99

✔ Over 500 Glasswashers In Stock: Welcome to the UK’s largest glasswasher and commercial dishwasher emporium, with an extensive selection of the UK’s leading warewashing brands in stock and ready for next day delivery.

✔ Extensive Selection: Choose from top warewashing brands such as Classeq, Winterhalter, Fagor and Meiko. We also exclusively distribute some of Europe’s leading manufacturers. Why not browse our manufacturers such as Mach, Asber and Supawash for a range of high-quality commercial glasswashers at a fraction of the price!

✔ Nationwide Aftersales Care: is taken care of thanks to our in-house glasswasher servicing and repair team, whom can offer exclusive warranty packages for all machines and a full UK parts stock at low trade prices.

✔ Expert Advice: With such a wide range of glasswashers available and technical jargon such as drain pumps, power requirements and WRAS, purchasing the right machine can be difficult. Why not read our Glasswasher Buying Guide or speak to one of our expert warewashing consultants, whom will be happy to help explain.

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  1. NEW
    Asber GT510 High Power Glasswasher with Internal Softener
    Asber Tech High Power Glasswasher 500mm + Internal Softener SKU: GT510-SOFT
    As low as £2,034.00 £1,695.00
  2. NEW
    Asber GT510 High Power Commercial Dishwasher 30 Amp
    Asber Tech High Power Glasswasher 500mm SKU: GT510
    As low as £1,854.00 £1,545.00
  3. NEW
    Asber GT500 Glasswasher
    Asber Tech Glasswasher 500mm SKU: GT500
    As low as £1,740.00 £1,450.00
  4. NEW
    Asber GT500SOFT Glasswasher + Internal Water Softener - door closed
    Asber Tech Glasswasher 500mm + Internal Softener SKU: GT500-SOFT
    As low as £1,980.00 £1,650.00
  5. NEW
    Asber Tech GT400 Glasswasher 400mm
    Asber Tech Glasswasher 400mm Integrated Softener SKU: GT400-SOFT
    As low as £1,386.00 £1,155.00
  6. NEW
    Asber Tech GT400 Glasswasher 400mm
    Asber Tech Glasswasher 400mm SKU: GT400
    As low as £1,158.00 £965.00
  7. Asber Easy Glasswasher 500mm
    Asber Easy Glasswasher 500mm SKU: GE500
    As low as £1,350.00 £1,125.00
  8. Asber Grand Easy Glasswasher 350mm
    Asber Easy Glasswasher 350mm SKU: GE350
    As low as £798.00 £665.00
  9. Winterhalter UC-XL Glasswasher
    Winterhalter UC-XL Glasswasher SKU: UC-XL

    From £4,464.00 £3,720.00

    To £6,465.00 £5,387.50

  10. Winterhalter UC-L Glasswasher
    Winterhalter UC-L Glasswasher SKU: UC-L

    From £3,990.00 £3,325.00

    To £5,991.00 £4,992.50

  11. Winterhalter UC-M Glasswasher
    Winterhalter UC-M Glasswasher SKU: UC-M

    From £3,396.00 £2,830.00

    To £6,321.00 £5,267.50

  12. Winterhalter UC-S Glasswasher
    Winterhalter UC-S Glasswasher SKU: UC-S

    From £3,336.00 £2,780.00

    To £6,261.00 £5,217.50

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    Items 1-12 of 58

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