This installation guide is designed to be a simple guide for installation and first operation of your glasswasher. Each machine sold by Industrial Warewashers will be supplied with the manufacturers' installation instructions which are specific to your commercial glass or dishwasher. We recommend that, if possible, you refer to the particular manufacturer manual before installing the product.

Important: If you have purchased a WRAS approved product then it will have been supplied with a double check WRAS approved valve. To comply with WRAS approval conditions, the enclosed double check valve MUST be fitted in-line with the incoming mains water supply and BEFORE the isolation valve.

  1. Remove all the packaging and film covering
  2. Where a water softener is in use connect the mains water to the top of the water softener. Connect the machine to the bottom of the water softener. Once connected, ensure that the water valve is turned on and water is flowing to the water softener/machine.
  3. Put the detergent/rinse pipes in the appropriate liquids
  4. Depending on what type of machine you have purchased:
    1. Gravity waste machines need to have the waste pipe going down into the drainage system. The waste must be lower than the bottom of the machine else it will not drain properly (see waste pump guide)
    2. Pump waste machines need to have the waste pipe sited in an up stand or connected to the 'U' bend under the sink. The upstand needs to be 3"-4" below the top of the machine for the drain pump to work correctly.
  5. If the machine is a 13amp model, plug the machine into the wall using the supplied three pin plug. However, if the machine has a different power connection, an electrician or engineer will need to connect the machine to power.
  6. Press the green on/off button, and the machine will start to fill. Once the machine has finished filling the orange boiler light will come on. After a while, the boiler light will go out, and the tank light will come on. Once the tank light goes out, then the machine is ready for use.
  7. For further instructions on how to use the machine, see the operating instructions section.