Internal Water Softener Regeneration (Asber Tech GT Models)

In the Asber Tech Dishwasher or Glasswasher (GT Series), models are equipped with a water softener internally to the machine that’s designed to protect the machine and components from limescale in areas with water hardness equal to or greater than 10 °fH. 

This softener has a manual regeneration process and needs to be refreshed periodically with salt to ensure its effective operation. Failure to regenerate the softener may result in the accumulation of limescale within the machine's pipes, leading to potential blockages and operational issues, as well as invalidating your manufacturer's warranty. 

Watch this video for steps on how to regenerate the internal softener: 

Steps Covered In The Video:

  1. Open the Door: Begin by opening the machine's door.
  2. Remove the Overflow: Locate and remove the overflow, then wait for the tank to drain completely.
  3. Select Regeneration Cycle: With the door still open, initiate the regeneration cycle by pressing the 'N' button for 3 seconds until the pilot light remains illuminated.
  4. Close the Door: Once the regeneration cycle is selected, close the door to start the cycle. During this time, the pilot light will remain on and flashing until the cycle's completion.
  5. Wait for Completion: Allow approximately 20 minutes for the regeneration cycle to finish. The pilot light will extinguish, indicating the cycle's completion.
  6. Remount the Overflow: After the regeneration cycle concludes, open the door and securely mount the overflow back in place.
  7. Restart the Machine: Close the door, and the machine will begin filling the tank as it is emptied.

Regular Maintenance:

Ensure to refill the tank with salt weekly, and always close the cap securely. The appearance of lime streaks on clean dishes signals an urgent need for a descaling or regeneration cycle. 

Post-Regeneration Cleaning, It is advisable to clean the inside of the machine thoroughly once the regeneration cycle is completed to maintain optimal performance. 


By following these steps, you'll ensure the effective regeneration of the internal water softener in your Asber Tech Dishwasher or Glasswasher (GT Series). Regular maintenance and adherence to these procedures will help prevent limescale buildup and maintain the machine's efficiency.