How To Remove Lipstick Marks From Glasses

Lipstick stains can be a pesky problem for pubs and bars, often leading to the need for drink replacements and impacting profits. While banning lipstick isn't a practical solution, there are effective ways to tackle these stubborn stains on wine glasses, champagne flutes, and even beer glasses.

Homebrew Techniques:

  • Rubbing Salt: Gently massage salt into tougher lipstick stains before washing the glasses in your glasswasher.
  • Non-Toxic Oxyclean: Dilute Oxyclean in water and apply it to the stains before washing the glassware in the dishwasher.
  • Fixodent Solution: Mix Fixodent with hot water and rub it into the stains on the glassware. Then, wash the glassware in your glasswasher for exceptional results.

While these homebrew methods can be effective, they may not be suitable for busy pub or restaurant environments where glasses need to be washed quickly and efficiently to avoid costly mistakes.

Industrial Warewashers Recommends:

Lip It Lipstick Remover Kit: Our recommended solution for quickly removing lipstick from glassware, perfect for restaurants or pubs where efficiency is key.

The Lip It Lipstick Remover Kit includes:

  • 500ml of Lip It concentrate
  • Foam applicator pad
  • Plastic applicator base
  • Measuring cup

How to Use:

  1. Remove any debris from the glass, such as lemon wedges or dregs.
  2. Press the glass gently into the foam pad, then twist it left and right using the entire pad.
  3. For stubborn stains, repeat the procedure.
  4. Place the glass in the glasswasher rack to be washed.
  5. Clean the applicator and foam pad daily for optimal results.

Common Issues When Glasswashing:

  1. Cloudy Glasses: Cloudiness can occur due to incorrect rinse aid dosage, limescale buildup, or non-replenished water softeners.
  2. Water Spots: Water spots can result from drop-drying glassware, leaving spot marks that may become permanent blemishes.

By following these tips and utilizing the Lip It Lipstick Remover Kit, you can effectively remove lipstick stains from your glassware and maintain sparkling clean glasses for your customers to enjoy.