Temperature Adjustment (Asber Tech/GT Models)

This guide covers basic temperatue adjustment for Asber Tech Line glasswashers & commercial dishwashers. The steps are generic so that they can also be performed on other Asber branded machines, as these feature a very similar design of thermostat and adjustment method.

Watch The Video:

Steps Covered In The Video:

  1. Turn off the machine and remove the lower front panel.
  2. There will be two thermostats in the lower recess on a metal mounting plate. The one marked “Tt” is the tank thermostat, this controls the temperature of the wash water. The other is marked “TC” is the rinse boiler thermostat, this controls the rinse water temperature.
  3. The machine comes factory set, TANK – 65*C / BOILER -85*C, although this is the recommended temperature for the machine, adjustments can be made by either turning clockwise or anti-clockwise to the desired temperature. The both thermostats have an operating level between 30-90*C.
  4. If your tank thermostat has no centre dial (below) this is a fixed thermostat, so It cannot be adjusted. This will be fixed to 65*C.