Manual Brush Glasswashers

Manual Brush Glasswashers

Brush Glasswashers

A brush glasswasher is a specifically designed appliance for washing glasses manually. These hand operated brush glasswashers are a great alternative (or even addition) to the use of traditional electric machines, providing many benefits over traditional glasswashers in terms of cost efficiency, improved wash results and added versatility in glass washing processes.

Using a Brush Glasswasher for Renovation

Manual in sink and portable brush glasswashers are often used by establishments as an addition to their standard glass washing process. Operated manually, the design of a brush glasswasher means that it makes far better contact with the glass than using detergent and high-water pressure would alone. By making better contact, a manual glasswasher can remove far more debris that can build up on a glass surface over time, providing a far cleaner glass that results in improved head retention and less tainting of drink taste.

Using a Manual Glasswasher for Delicate Items

Using a manual brush glasswasher is also far gentler on glassware, making them highly suited to washing delicate and fragile glasses such as crystal wine glasses. By relying on the brush heads to contact the glass and gently remove build up, high water pressure and temperature is not required. Operators can also manually control the pressure and speed applied depending on soiling, accounting for the most fragile glasses.

Using a Brush Glasswasher for Heavily Soiled Items

One of the key issues with electric glasswashers with heavily soiled items is that high temperature, high pressure washing can sometimes bake on debris instead of removing it. This is particularly true for glasses used in Frappuccino’s, milkshakes and smoothies.

Using a brush glasswasher, debris are far more consistently removed. There’s also no need for pre-washing and no concern with debris blocking filters and pumps. That’s why brush glasswashers are commonly found in the leading chain coffee shops across Europe and the USA.

In Sink Manual Glasswashers

Fitting an in sink manual glasswasher is very easy, as the machine does not require power and only needs to be connected to a tap. Operating entirely manually and with water pressure alone, there is no need to connect to major facilities such as drainage. In sink, manual glasswashers generally contain a closed container with brushes, for washing the glasses manually and an accessible area, for rinsing and cooling.

Portable Brush Glasswashers

Like in sink manual glasswashers, there are also portable variants of these units. Portable brush glasswashers are particularly popular with mob mobile caterers as the machine need only be connected to a tap, operating with water pressure only and no need to connect major facilities. The only key difference is that portable brush glasswashers generally contain a second container for rinsing glasses within an enclosed space.

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