1. How to Descale a Commercial Dishwasher

    How to Descale a Commercial Dishwasher

    Your dishwasher is a vital part of your kitchen, serving dirty plates to customers won’t be as forgivable as an overcooked Rump Steak. Limescale builds up in your machine can be detrimental to your businesses hygiene rating. To provide sanitation dishwashers reach a temperature of 82.2°c, limescale can build up around the heating element decreasing the machine performance and capability of achieving high temperatures for cleaning.

    Limescale build up will lead to mineral deposits forming on your plates. This will appear as a white film on your dishes. So how do we tackle it? 

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  2. Inside a Commercial Dishwasher

    Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the machine when you run a wash? It’s something that we have been wondering about for a while here at Industrial Warewashers, and so we thought we’d see what we could find.

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  3. General Installation Instructions

    This installation guide is designed to be a simple guide for installation and first operation of your glasswasher. Each machine sold by Industrial Warewashers will be supplied with the manufacturers' installation instructions which are specific to your commercial glass or dishwasher. We recommend that, if possible, you refer to the particular manufacturer manual before installing the product.

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  4. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Dishwasher Maintenance Tasks

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  5. General Glasswasher Operation Instructions

    General Glasswasher Operation Instructions

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  6. WRAS Approved Commercial Dishwashers

    WRAS Approved Commercial Dishwashers

    Many suppliers and manufacturers will not consider WRAS approval when proposing a solution for your business. However, depending on your industry sector or washing requirements it could be a legal requirement for your business and therefore something you need to consider when buying a commercial dishwasher.

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  7. Water Softener Regeneration

    Water Softener Regeneration

    A manual 8 or 12 litre water softener can be fitted to any Glasswasher or Commercial Dishwasher machine, and is an extremely important piece of equipment, when in hard water areas, that will ensure good washing results, can lower detergents usage and most importantly reduce the build-up of limescale to avoid expensive breakdowns and guarantees of suppliers' warranties.

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  8. Hard Water Areas In The UK

    Hard Water Areas In The UK

    While we recommend that all appliances fitted to mains water supplies (mainly commercial dishwashers and glass washers) are installed and equipped with a water softener. The extent on which you will rely on your water softener to protect equipment, the frequency at which you are required to regenerate your water softener and the size of water softener you need will largely depend on whether you live in a hard water area or not.

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  9. Commercial Water Softeners

    Commercial Water Softeners

    The hardness of water supplied to your commercial dishwasher can have a considerable impact on machine longevity and wash results as hard water creates limescale deposits, both on machine components and washed items. That’s why most commercial dishwashers are designed to operate in connection with a water softener.

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  10. Styles & Sizing of Commerical Dishwashers & Glasswashers

    Styles & Sizing of Commerical Dishwashers & Glasswashers

    This guide is written to introduce the sizing and terminology used to describe the different types of ware washer available on the UK market to help you to select which category is best suited to your businesses particular requirements.

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