What causes Pink Slime to build up inside your machine?

Pink or orange slime can build up within your machine during normal usage. This is perfectly normal and simple to clean, although can be a sign that chemical dosage is slightly higher than it should be.

What should you do?

It is a good housekeeping practice to wash out your machine once a week with a chemical such as JPC1 Defense Liquid Cleaner Sanitiser from Jeyes Professional. Simply wipe down the inside of the machine and then perform an empty wash cycle to rinse it away. Refurb powder can also help with this.


Bleach used to be used to clean the inside of the machine, but this is no longer advised because it can hide tannin stains by turning them white but leaving them on your crockery. Long term, chlorinated problems can reduce the life of your machine by as much as 50% by breaking down the silicone in the tubes. Bleach is a hardcore killer and is at the top of the destruction list, meaning that it is harder to clean and maintain after it has been used for the first time.