National Engineer Network:

Our national service network has specialist commercial ware washing engineers based in Cornwall and the surrounding area looking after a number of commercial appliances and washing equipment throughout the area.

Contact our Local Agent:

You can contact our locally based agent who manages ware washer sales, deliveries, servicing, repairs and maintenance in your area:

Tel (Sales): 0800 345 7543 (Opt. 1)

Tel (Service): 0800 345 7543 (Opt. 2)

Email (Sales):

Email (Service):


Shop our extensive range of 12, 16- or 25-pint commercial glasswashers, designed for use in pubs, bars, restaurants.

From Only £469

Commercial Dishwashers

Expert advice & service across the UK’s leading under counter and pass through commercial dishwasher brands.

From Only £599

Rent or Lease

Renting or leasing a commercial dishwasher can offer the most financially efficient way for you to pay for your new equipment.

We provide businesses with several purchase options including nothing to pay upfront and all-inclusive rental packages, incorporating all service and maintenance into one monthly payment.

From £34.22/month
  • Fixed Payments
  • Option to own
  • Include warranty
  • Include maintenance

Commercial Dishwasher Supplier in Cornwall:

As the UK’s largest glass washer and commercial dishwasher stockist, with a wide range of machines in stock and ready for next day delivery, we have been supplying Cornwall with high-quality commercial ware washers for over 30 years.

We provide frequent daily deliveries to restaurants, bars, hotels pubs and clubs in Cornwall, supplying everything from commercial dishwashers to chemicals and detergents.

Water Quality in Cornwall

The mains water supply in Cornwall is provided by South West Water, who provide water and wastewater services in the South West of England. South West Water is a sponsoring and supporting member of WRAS, the Water Board Regulatory and Advisory Service.

The water in Cornwall is rated as having a low calcium carbonate composition (soft water). In soft water areas, like Cheshire, the use of a water softener is not required.

Recommended machines:

Based on the water softness rating and waterboard participation in WRAS, our range of Mach and Asber machines are high quality and suitable for use in a soft water area such as Cornwall. A WRAS approved machine is recommended to ensure compliance with South West Water Inspections:

Commercial Dishwasher Engineers

Got a problem with your warewasher? Our expert commercial dishwasher engineers provide a nationwide repair service with callouts starting at just £136.45

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Recomended Products
  1. Asber Easy Commercial Dishwasher 500mm
    Asber Easy Commercial Dishwasher 500mm
    As low as £1,350.00 £1,125.00
  2. Mach MB9235 Premium Glass Washer Door Open
    Mach Glasswasher 350mm
    As low as £894.00 £745.00
    95% of 100
  3. Mach Premium Commercial Dishwasher 400mm
    Mach Commercial Dishwasher 400mm
    As low as £1,086.00 £905.00
    93% of 100
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