Commercial Dishwasher Chemicals

To clean crockery effectively your commercial dishwasher will use set washing cycles in parallel with measured dosing of specially designed dishwasher detergents and rinse aids. Most commonly these products are sold in 5 litre bottles.

How the chemicals work in the dishwasher

Dependent on the make and design of the dishwasher, generally the chemical is taken into the machine using a chemical pump found inside the machine. The chemical pump ensures a precise amount is drawn from the bottle and used for washing. Dosing levels are usually adjusted by the engineer setting up the dishwasher (this process is called commissioning).

Different chemicals have varying concentrations which is why you should always read the dosing instructions written on the bottle when adjusting the dosage yourselves. Also, some commercial dishwashers require a specific chemical to wash to optimum capacity, for example, the Enviro clean glasswashers need to be used with Enviro clean glass wash treatment to ensure the glasswasher can clean properly and protect the machine's components which may be susceptible to degradation when used in conjunction with improper chemicals.

Types of Dishwasher Chemicals

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This essential chemical quickly removes stains, grease and oil from your tableware. Made with surface active agents or surfactants, these help to separate the dirt and grease particles from the surface. The detergent is then washed away by the dishwasher jet arms spraying water. Some detergents feature caustic soda which reacts with fat particles to remove burnt on food and grease.

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Rinse Aid:

Found in some dishwashing detergents, rinse aid is a surfactant which reduces the surface tension of water. Rinse aid prevents water from forming into droplets and instead encourages it to drain from the surface.

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Descaling agent is a chemical substance used to remove limescale from metal surfaces which have come into contact with hot water. Descaler is typically acidic in composition, this reacts with the alkaline carbonate compounds present in scale. The chemicals are normally very corrosive and must be handled with care using the correct PPE.

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These substances are capable of eliminating microorganisms including bacteria causing food poisoning and other diseases. The number of microorganisms are reduced to a level that does not compromise the safety of any food that comes into contact with plates or serving ware.

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