Enviro Clean Glasswashers

Enviro Clean Pro Glasswashers

Enviro Clean Pro Glass Washers have been designed in consultation with the UK’s leading publicans and brewery chains to go hand-in-hand with the revolutionary Enviro Clean Pro Glasswasher Detergent.

This environmentally friendly chemical is manufactured from a fully bio-degradable formula and allows Enviro Clean Glass Washers to operate without traditional detergents or water softeners.

By utilising only natural ingredients, Enviro Clean Pro glasswashers ensure there is no contamination of glassware. This ensures the best beer taste and presentation, with fantastic lacing and head retention.

Furthermore, the active ingredient eliminates limescale, protecting machine components so that all Enviro Clean Pro glasswashers are backed by an extensive 3-year commercial warranty.

For complete peace of mind, every machine is backed by nationwide service and support team to ensure the best possible after sales care. Trained engineers cover your machine and can offer telephone support, on-site visits and access to a full UK parts stock.

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  1. NEW
    Enviro Clean Pro Zero Scale Additive ECOPRA5L
    Enviro Clean Zero Scale Additive 5 Litre SKU: ECOPRA5L
    £14.70 £12.25
  2. NEW
    Enviro Clean Pro Dishwasher Detergent ECOPDW5L
    Enviro Clean Dishwasher Detergent 5 Litre SKU: ECOPDW5L
    £14.70 £12.25
  3. NEW
    Enviro Clean Pro Glasswasher Detergent ECOPGW5L
    Enviro Clean Glasswasher Detergent 5 Litre SKU: ECOPGW5L
    £29.40 £24.50
  4. Enviro Clean Glasswasher 350mm
    Enviro Clean Glasswasher 350mm SKU: ECGW350
    As low as £1,149.95 £958.29
  5. Enviro Clean Glasswasher 400mm
    Enviro Clean Glasswasher 400mm SKU: ECGW400
    As low as £1,277.99 £1,064.99
  6. Enviro Clean Glasswasher 500mm
    Enviro Clean Glasswasher 500mm SKU: ECGW500
    As low as £2,099.99 £1,749.99
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