How Is Equipment Graded?

Whether you’re a new business looking to fully kit out your kitchen, or an established premises replacing existing equipment, purchasing brand new equipment can be very expensive. An increasingly popular option is looking at graded commercial equipment. Our graded equipment is categorised with either an A, B or C grade according to the condition of the item. By shopping through our graded category, you may be able to get your hands on a pristine unit that was just the wrong size for the customer, or equipment that works perfectly but may have suffered a minor scratch during transit. As we stock both new and used graded equipment, we have two A-C grading systems:

NEW Grade A - Open Box/Return/Ex-Showroom Stock that has never been used.

NEW Grade B - Never used but with minor marks/damage from transport.

NEW Grade C - Never used but with noticeable/significant damage from transport.

USED Grade A - Excellent condition with only minor marks/blemishes or signs of use.

USED Grade B - Full Working Order but with noticeable marks/blemishes or signs of use.

USED Grade C - Full working order but with significant marks/blemishes or signs of use.

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