Enviro Clean Grease Buster Drain Management System With 89 Litre Grease Trap

Enviro Clean Grease Buster Drain Management System With 89 Litre Grease Trap

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Enviro Clean
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DD1 Enviro Clean Enzyme Dosing Pump
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Adjustable Drain Pipe Fitting (for Enzyme Dosing Installations)
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PVC Tubing 8 x 5mm for DD1 Installations (2 Meter)
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Enviro Clean Grease Buster Drain Management System With 89 Litre Grease Trap
Enviro Clean Grease Buster Drain Management System With 89 Litre Grease Trap

In stock

£743.98 £619.98


    Enviro Clean Pro

    Enviro Clean FOG Drain Management System With 89 Litre Grease Trap

    Cleans & maintains drains for between 80 and 120 days.

    Natural Enzyme Drain Cleaner

    Natural bio-enzyme formula breaks down fats, oils and grease that are released into the drains and sewers from commercial kitchens.

    Keeps Drains Free From Blockages

    Stops FOGS from forming to help keep your drains free from blockages. Ensures compliance with local authority requirements.

    Easy Self-Installation

    Simple battery-operated system for self-install. No plumbing experience required. Includes all fixtures and fittings, plus instructions!

    Grease Buster Drain Management System:

    An easy to use, all in one solution for protecting your drains from blockages and maintaining compliance with waterboard regulations. Simply connect the supplied pipework underneath your sink and the automatic battery-operated pump will take care of the rest!

    No need for complicated installations as the unit is battery operated and can be simply affixed to the wall underneath your sink or cupboard with the kit provided.

    Once installed, rest-easy with peace of mind your drains are protected. Simply monitor the chemical level inside the bottle and replace as necessary. A 20-litre supply will provide protection for approximately 80-120 days.

    Directions For Use

    • Connect the pump output to underneath the hightest point of waste (Eg. Under sink)
    • Insert the pump input into the Enzyme Drain Maintainer chemical
    • The pump will automatically dose the enzyme chemical daily (250ml standard)
    • Adjust pump dosage to suit your needs*
    • Monitor chemical level and refill as needed!

    The kit includes everything you need to get your drains connected:

    • Battery Operated Automatic Dosing Pump (DD1)
    • 20 Litre Enzyme Drain Maintainer (ECOPDM20L)
    • 89 Litre Capacity Grease Trap (GTSS89L)
    • 2 meter PVC tubing to connect to sink (2MDRNTUBE)
    • Adjustable drain pipe fitting for easy installation (S-ADJDN3)
    • Instructions for installation

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is an Enzyme Drain Cleaner?

    Enzyme Drain Cleaners provides a cost-effective solution to the problem, helping control grease build up, prevent drain blockages and ensure water board compliance. Easy to install and maintain, the highly concentrated active enzyme fluid degrades fats, oils and grease found as they enter drains.

    Why Use Enzymes to Clean Drains?

    Enzymes are biochemical digesters. They work by breaking apart complex compounds into smaller, more readily absorbed nutrients that natural bacteria can absorb. With Today’s modern kitchens using harsh cleaning chemicals, high temperatures and offering fast production rates, most drains and water treatment plants are full. Naturally occurring enzymes don’t get the chance to break down fats, oils and grease before blockages occur. Enviro Clean Pro Enzyme drain cleaner is specially formulated to introduce enzymes that help to quickly break down all types of organic waste and odour into free-flowing liquid to prevent blockages.

    *How Much Chemical Do I Need To Dose?

    This will depend on the size of your kitchen and the types of food you are producing. As standard, our pumps are supplied set to dose 250ml of chemical daily at 2AM. This is suitable for a medium sized restaurant or gastropub serving traditional foods. For sites working with particularly high volumes of greasy or fried foods, you may need to increase the dosage to around 350ml per day. For smaller sites, this dosage can be lowered to around 150ml per day.

    We recommend dosing the chemical at night when the kitchen as closed, as this ensures it has the longest contact time inside the drain system. 

    Technical Specifications


    Enviro Clean Pro

    Enviro Clean Pro Glasswashers have been designed in collaboration with the UK’s leading publicans and breweries to work perfectly with the Enviro Clean water treatment system.This enables the machines to work without a water softener or traditional detergents. By using only natural ingredients, there’s no contamination of glasses with powerful caustics, ensuring improved beer taste, excellent drink carbonation, better lacing and improved head retention. All Enviro Clean glasswashers are manufactured in Italy and are backed by our nationwide service & support team whom can offer telephone support, on-site visits and access to full UK parts stock.

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