Meiko M-iClean HXL Pass Through Dishwasher

Meiko M-iClean HXL Pass Through Dishwasher

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The Meiko M-iClean HXL Pass Through Dishwasher is available in a range of configurations, including reverse osmosis, heat recovery and ergonomic packages. Prices advertised are for the base model only. We provide a complete site survey and requirements assessment free of charge.

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More Information
Size (mm)Size (mm): 2080H 1890W 750D
Clear Entry (mm)Clear Entry (mm):505
PowerPower:3 Phase (Hard Wired)
Break TankBreak Tank:WRAS Type A Air Gap
Waste TypeWaste Type:Drain Pump
WarrantyWarranty:2 Year Parts, 2 Year Labour
WRAS ApprovedWRAS Approved:Yes

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Meiko M-iClean HXL Pass Through Dishwasher

Operating and economising miracle

Easier work, shorter wash cycle times, improved room climate and perfect wash results thanks to sophisticated technology. With a flexible display, user-friendly automatic hood system and blue operating concept.

  • Passing height: 505mm
  • Rack dimensions: 2x (500 x 500mm)
  • Capacity: Up to 120 racks / hour
  • Tank heating: 8kw
  • Boiler Heating: 9kw (20A) 18kw (32A) 18kw (50A)
  • Total load: 11.1kw (20A) 20.1kw (32A) 28.1kw (50A)
  • Pump output: 1.5kw
  • Water consumption: 4.8 litres
  • Tank capacity: 54 litres

Optional Extras:

  • PowerWash (3 pump motor settings)
  • Automatic rack detection
  • AirConcept exhaust heat recovery
  • Waste water heat recovery
  • Heat retention
  • Water change programme
  • Drying module
  • Meiko GiO Reverse Osmosis

Meiko M-iClean H Series Pass Through Dishwashers

Ergonomics better than ever

Efficient, resource saving and perfect warewashing results – these features are to be expected in today's professional machines. With MEIKO, however, there is an additional decisive feature: optimised ergonomics. A new MEIKO is easier and quicker to operate. It supports people's natural motion sequences, thus increasing the motivation of personnel – who then increase their output. MEIKO produces warewashing technology that delivers all-round clean results: for people, for the environment, and for controlling.

Unique: The MEIKO ergonomics concept

The new M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine: warewashing has never been so ergonomic or economical. Spectacular: The hood operation makes life easier than ever before for machine operators. Warewashing has never been easier. The hood opens and closes with just a gentle touch. The hood raises and lowers itself silently and softly, as if by magic. A truly effortless experience! Designed for ergonomic use, the M-iClean H is much easier to load and unload, putting less strain on the operator's back and muscles and speeding up the whole dishwashing process. During comprehensive field testing, our customers have confirmed a time saving of approximately 30 minutes per washday (at approximately 120 wash cycles per shift).

Particularly ergonomic: the flexible display

The M-iClean H display is positioned exactly where it is needed – at eye level. So there's no need to bend down, strain your neck, or constantly shift from one place to another. It can be installed on the right or left hand side of the machine, or wherever is most comfortable.

Everything Flows

Adjustable working heights, versatile control system, intuitive, user-friendly operation – the MEIKO ergonomics concept realises a vision: washing without effort or physical strain, while maximising operational efficiency.

Ergonomics saves time and costs:

  • Substantial wash cycle time reductions
  • Significantly faster drying times
  • Dishes ready for re-use faster
  • Lower personnel and operating costs
  • Reduction in lost working hours
  • Easier and ergonomic motion sequences
  • Optimum workplace evaluation

Bringing Everything Under One Hood

Easier to work with, reduced wash cycle times, improved indoor climate and outstanding washing and drying results: M-iClean H brings everything under one hood. This performance is made possible thanks to the innovative ergonomics concept with the revolutionary hood technology – MEIKO has completely redeveloped the hood type dishwashing machine: here, the dishwashing machine and control technology combine in perfect harmony. 90 years of MEIKO engineering artistry and machine building expertise have gone into this.

Our tip: forget everything that you have ever previously thought or heard about hood technology. The M-iClean H is the technological reboot with the best MEIKO quality.

Continuous power: 1.2 million wash cycles during testing

M-iClean H features top-quality ergonomics: MEIKO developers ran 1.2 million wash cycles on a single machine to put this model through its paces, providing all the proof you need that the M-iClean H is a truly reliable and practical solution that will hold its value.

This number of test cycles equates to more than 20 years in the field. And because we believe in the quality of what we offer, our automatic hood system comes with a 60-month warranty. A secure investment.

M-iClean H Ergonomics Comfort Package

A huge plus for health and finances.

The back. The arm. The knee. Working in the dishwashing area affects many parts of the body. The reasons for this are inefficient motion sequences, frequent bending and the particularly strenuous work above shoulder height.

The M-iClean H is the machine that is there for the workers. It simplifies work tangibly, and your washing team are completely at home – this has been confirmed through independent workplace evaluations. The feel-good factor at the workplace is measured objectively by these; they are based on the German Occupational Safety and Health law. The working conditions measured for the M-iClean H achieved consistently top marks.

Even better: ergonomics save money. Customers confirm that they make savings of several thousand euros per annum – Warewashing has never been so ergonomic or economical.

Additional option (Price on Application)

  • Automatic rack detection
  • Drying convenience with drying table
  • Tangibly more comfortable work
  • Less personnel absences
  • Greater savings potential

M-iClean H Pure Energy Package

Save up to 21%, and be 100% happier

The M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine achieves a new dimension in profitability thanks to the highest levels of energy efficiency: You can save up to 21% energy and tangibly reduce operating costs. The new stainless-steel waste water heat recovery system in the heat retention package ensures optimum energy exploitation. At a utilisation rate of 125 racks per day and 330 operating days per annum, the M-iClean H with waste water heat recovery and heat retention pays for itself after just 1.8 years.

The M-iClean H: the bundle of energy for continuous power.

Additional option (Price on Application)

  • Waste water heat recovery
  • Efficient Heat Retention
  • Energy savings of up to 21%
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Amortisation after just 1.8 years

M-iClean H FeelGood Climate Package

Evaporation - fast.

Even today, the air in many dishwashing areas is uncomfortably humid: MEIKO rapidly clears the steam.

With MEIKO you are fighting the main cause of hygiene problems and friction losses: In many kitchens, a bad room climate creates a bad working atmosphere. Looking at it another way: The better the room climate, the healthier with working atmosphere. Steam and heat in the dishwashing area are not only extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant for personnel, but are also the most common cause of mould. Not any more:

The M-iClean H Climate package does a great job for optimum hygiene, cleanliness and an improved room climate.

Additional option (Price on Application)

  • Vapour extraction self cleaning
  • Heat Recovery
  • Up to 80% less steam emission
  • Tangibly improved interior climate
  • Energy savings of up to 18%

M-iClean H Micraculous Shine Package

Everything always brilliantly clean

Clean dishes and dry glasses are your calling card – an absolute must. With the M-iClean H MiraculousShine package you will always shine out: it ensures perfect washing results – a brilliant finish and the highest level of cleanliness become standard.

At the same time, manual post-drying is a thing of the past. Glass breakages becomes an almost unimaginable concept. This is because the gentle and yet rapid drying on the air-blowing drying table makes really cleans up – no drips, no smears, no streaks. And because the air flow also cools the glasses to a comfortable temperature, unloading and putting them away is much faster.

A perfect system. And a brilliant premiere: M-iClean H is the first hood type dishwashing machine from MEIKO with active drying. The MEIKO inventive spirit makes it possible.

Additional option (Price on Application)

  • Integrated GiO Module
  • New drying table with cooling fan
  • The best washing and drying results
  • No manual polishing
  • Faster loading and unloading
  • Faster cooling of glasses and dishes

Meiko M-iClean H Series Features Overview:

  • 01 – Blue operating concept 
  • 02 – Flexible safety glass touch display 
  • 03 – LED-illuminated design element 
  • 04 – Heat retention 
  • 05 – Exhaust heat recovery 
  • 06 – Combined stainless-steel wash and rinse arms 
  • 07 – Comfort automatic hood system
  • 08 – Automatic rack detection 
  • 09 – Large passing height (5051) / 5602) mm) 
  • 10 – Folding removable rack holders 
  • 11 – Drying table for active drying 
  • 12 – Stainless steel dosing pipe 
  • 13 – Simple height adjustment and plinth set-up 
  • 14 – Waste water heat recovery

Electrical installation:

Electrical connection: three-phase current 3/N/PE, 400 V, 50 Hz.

Water installation:

The machines can be connected directly to the fresh water connection without the use of intermediate safety valves. Minimum flow pressure 0.6 bar, maximum pressure 5 bar. The fresh water connection must be installed in accordance with the regulations applicable in your region (e.g. Germany DIN 1988/ EN 1717). Drain hose DN 22. Max. height of on-site drain outlet on wall: 700 mm. Connecting cables reach approx. 1.8 m from machine.


Cold water connection (max. 35 °C), minimum flow pressure 1 bar, maximum pressure 5 bar. Conductivity of raw water

More Information
Weight (Kg)Weight (Kg):120.000000
Dispatch TimeDispatch Time:3-5 Days
Depth (mm)Depth (mm):750
Height (mm)Height (mm):2080
Width (mm)Width (mm):1890
Model NumberModel Number:M-iClean HXL
Wash Cycle Time (Min)Wash Cycle Time (Min):1, 1.5, 2, 3.5
Cycle TypeCycle Type:Selectable
Basket SizeBasket Size:500 x 500 mm
Clear Entry (mm)Clear Entry (mm):505
PowerPower:3 Phase (Hard Wired)
AmpsAmps:20A, 32A or 50A
Power Consumption (Kw)Power Consumption (Kw):11.1kw, 20.1kw or 28.1kw
Minimum Water Pressure (Bar)Minimum Water Pressure (Bar):2.0
Break TankBreak Tank:WRAS Type A Air Gap
Waste TypeWaste Type:Drain Pump
Water SoftenerWater Softener:Integral
Rinse Booster PumpRinse Booster Pump:Yes
WarrantyWarranty:2 Year Parts, 2 Year Labour
WRAS ApprovedWRAS Approved:Yes

Meiko Glasswashers & Commercial Dishwasher

A German manufacturer with 90 years’ experience supplying commercial dishwashers and glasswashers to the catering and hospitality industry across the globe. The curved M symbol is recognised globally as a symbol of quality. A significant investor in technology, Meiko recognise that commercial dishwashing involves a whole lot more than just washing dirty dishes. Their highly functional Mieko commercial dishwasher & glasswasher range allows customers to choose an option to suit specific requirements, whilst high-quality engineering and workmanship, paired with a personal touch to service and aftersales care makes them a leading competitor to other high-class warewashing brands.

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