Meiko MHE-HWE18T Automatic Water Softener (Hot Water)

Meiko Automatic Water Softener (Hot Water)

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Size (mm)Size (mm): 695H 275W 450D

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The Meiko Hot Water Automatic Water softener can treat 3100 litres of incoming mains water before regeneration is required. It can deliver 50 litres of clean, lime scale free water every minute when at peak flow. This hot water edition is specifically designed to operate where incoming water temperature is up to 60c and can operate between 2.0 and 4.0 bar pressure.

The unit requires 13amp power supply, hot feed mains supply & drain connection. Includes 18 Litre resin base and installation kit as standard.

Designed for catering and hospitality applications where industrial water usage is required, such as in bars and restaurants. Meiko’s time controlled unit will help to lower operation costs, improve system performance and prolong equipment lifespan. This is particularly true with glass and dishwashing equipment as impurities in the mains water supply result in low washing standards and higher detergent, energy and equipment servicing costs.

Unlike traditional water softeners, this automatic unit relies on ionic exchange technology (sometimes referred to as cation exchange or base softening) and does not require manual regeneration with salt on a weekly basis.

The automatic softener works by passing water through resins in the form of millions of tiny beads held inside the drum. Passage of water through the resin brings about a chemical change where the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for non-hardening sodium ions, leaving only fresh lime scale free water.

The resins should never need replacing but require regular regeneration. This entails flushing a small amount of brine through the cylinder. Regeneration refreshes the resin while the hardness salts which have accumulated in the resin pass harmlessly to drain rather than clinging to surfaces inside the machine.

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Depth (mm)Depth (mm):450
Height (mm)Height (mm):695
Width (mm)Width (mm):275
Model NumberModel Number:MHE-E18T
WarrantyWarranty:1 Year Parts
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