Mach MST280 Rack Conveyor Dishwasher With Prewash & Second Rinse (170 Racks/Hour)

Mach MST280 Rack Conveyor Tunnel Dishwasher

280cm Tunnel - Pre Wash, Wash, Rinse & 2nd Rinse Stage (110-170 racks/hour)

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Size (mm)Size (mm): 1470H 2800W 765D
Clear Entry (mm)Clear Entry (mm):420
PowerPower:3 Phase (Hard Wired)
Break TankBreak Tank:Type A Air Gap
Waste TypeWaste Type:Gravity Waste
WarrantyWarranty:3 Year Parts, 3 Year Labour
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Mach MST280 Rack Conveyor Flight Dishwasher
Mach MST280 Rack Conveyor Tunnel Dishwasher

In stock

£25,248.00 £21,040.00


    Mach MST280 Rack Conveyor Tunnel Dishwasher Utensilwasher

    280cm Tunnel - Pre Wash, Wash, Rinse & 2nd Rinse Stage (110-170 racks/hour)

    Our largest capacity commercial dishwasher and utensil washer with rack conveyor system for flight of baskets through the washing tunnel. With 4 washing phases including automatic prewash and secondary hygienic rinse/sanitise and extended wash tunnel length of 2800mm, the MST280 is an advanced flight dishwasher for large scale food production, hotels, hospitals, and manufacturing plants, capable of washing between 110-170 racks per hour.

    Suitable for all types of utensil, equipment or components, the MACH MST280 is highly configurable with optional extras including automatic chemical dosing systems, automatic drying units, and an energy efficient heat recovery system. Combined with a wide range of inlet & outlet tabling roller systems, it is highly versatile to suit your warewashing requirements.

    • Washes between 90-130 racks per hour
    • 4 phase washing programme including pre wash & secondary rinse
    • Wash at 65c and dual hygienic rinse & sanitise at 85c
    • Digital temperature control
    • Extended 2800mm wash tunnel
    • Two working speeds
    • Reversible operation
    • Suitable for hot or cold fill setups
    • Optional power assisted roller systems
    • Optional drying & heat recovery units
    • Bespoke tabling & roller systems
    • 3 Year Parts + 1 Year Labour Warranty
    • Free site survey & CAD Drawings
    • Custom built & designed to plan
    • Full assembly, installation & commissioning

    Italian Build Quality, UK Service Excellence

    Built to the highest standards, the Mach MST280 conveyor dishwasher is designed and built in Italy, using only the best European components. Full stainless steel construction, including stainless steel internal components such as filters, boilers, elements, wash arms, jets, plugs and filters and finished in a double-skinned and insulated AISI 304 stainless steel cabinet for ultimate durability and efficiency. A promise of quality that is backed by an extensive UK service network with quick callout and all spare parts in UK stock.

    • Designed & built in Italy
    • UK service network & spares stock
    • All stainless steel components
    • 3 year warranty as standard

    Ease Of Use, Simple to Maintain

    Mach MST conveyor tunnel washers are designed to deliver simplicity in both use and maintenence. Operation is entirely automatic with electronic sensing of loads, automatic dosing of chemicals and digitally controlled wash and rinse temperatures.

    Full width stainless steel filters protect internal components from debris & blockages and all compontents of the conveyor system can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance. The entire washing process is accessible through a full-width counterbalanced door and innovative features such as the front-placed lever waste drain help to avoid unnecessary service calls.

    • Full stainless steel filters
    • Automatic detection of loads
    • Digital temperature control
    • Front-placed lever gravity drain
    • Easily accessible & removable components

    Intelligent Energy Saving

    MST conveyor dishwashers automatically detect the presence of baskets to start washing, rinsing, and drying equipment on demand. With 2 working speeds, the dishwasher can easily adapt to your load requirements to save energy.

    Stainless steel filtration systems help keep wash water cleaner for longer and optional advanced energy saving features, including steam capture and condenser heat pump units, can save up to 30% energy when compared to equivalent systems.

    • 2 working speeds
    • Hot or cold fill options
    • Optional heat recovery of steam
    • Fully insulated design saves energy
    • Low water consumption

    Highly Configurable

    All Mach MST Rack Conveyor Dishwasher are highly configurable and built to order in our Italian factory. Choose from a wide range of accessories including roller tabling, entry and exit pre-wash systems to suit your requirements. Get complete peace of mind with a free site survey and technical drawings for your site. For more information, speak to our expert Rack Conveyor Product Consultants whom will be happy to discuss and provide a free no-obligation and all-inclusive quote.

    Chemical Dispensers

    Detergent & rinse aid dispenser pumps with fully adjustable chemical dosing to suit requirements, built into the machine for completely automatic operation.

    Air Drying Unit

    Automatically operated drying unit with hot or cold air output to ensure all wares leave the tunnel dry and ready for immediate use.

    Steam Canopy

    Fan controlled steam capture unit captures excess steam and condenses to prevent it from entering the work environment.

    Heat Recovery Pump

    Automatically captures lost energy from steam and wash waterm, re-circulating to reduce energy use. Allows operation on a cold water feed with low power elements, saving approximately 8Kw of energy draw.

    Roller Tabling

    Choice of rolling tabling, including powered roller systems, to push/pull baskets and wares as they are loaded into the machine. Optional microswitch systems for activation of rollers as required.

    Corner Sited Or Straight Operation

    All tabling and roller systems are fully customisable to suit your floor print. The machine can operate in both directions and is well-suited to corner sited, straight through or U floor layouts.

    Example Layout & Configuration

    Stage 1 Bespoke single bowl pre-wash sinks with monobloc spray arm. Fabrication in AISI 304 stainless steel
    Stage 2 Steam extraction hood ensures any escaping steam and moisture is captured
    Stage 3 Dirty dishes enter pre-wash chamber to remove debris
    Stage 4  High power wash chamber cleans wares with high pressure 65c water
    Stage 5 First rinse phase finishes cleaning process
    Stage 6 Secondary rinse phase delivers 85c water to sanitise wares
    Stage 7 Heat recovery unit captures excess heat and recycles to save energy
    Stage 8 Hot air drying unit ensures wares are ready for immediate use
    Stage 9 Cleaned and dried items exit automatically on roller tabling
    Stage 10 Machine senses washing is complete and re-plenishes chemicals for next round

    Technical Specifications

    imensions 250 x 76.5 x 147cm
    Rack Clearance 50.5 x 42cm
    Wash Capacity 90-130 racks per hour
    Tank Capacity 58 Litre
    Boiler Capacity 23 Litres
    Water Pressure Input 1.5 - 3 Bar
    Max Water Input Temperature 50-55c
    Feed Motor Power 0.15 - 0.35 Kw
    Tank Heating Element 9 Kw
    Boiler Heating Element 18 Kw
    Pump Power 1.1 Kw
    Pre Wash Tank Capacity 47 Litres
    Pre Wash Tank Heating 6 Kw
    Pre Wash Pump Power 0.9 Kw
    Secondary Rinse Tank Capacity 31
    Secondary Rinse Tank Heating 3
    Secondary Rinse Pump Power 0.5
    Total Power 21 Kw
    Voltage Input 400 3N/50
    KITC/CDBD - Chemical Dispensers + 0.1kW 230V 1PH
    MZA/908 - Air Drying Unit + 2.2kW 400V 3PH
    MAFPC - Steam Extraction Heat Pump + 2.2kW 400V 3PH
    FCACV - Steam Extraction Hood + 0.1kW 230V 1PH
    More Information
    Delivery TimeDelivery Time:4 Weeks
    Depth (mm)Depth (mm):765
    Height (mm)Height (mm):1470
    Width (mm)Width (mm):2800
    Model NumberModel Number:MST280
    Cycle TypeCycle Type:2 Speeds
    Basket SizeBasket Size:500 x 500 mm
    Clear Entry (mm)Clear Entry (mm):420
    PowerPower:3 Phase (Hard Wired)
    AmpsAmps:52.5A (hot fill only)
    Power Consumption (Kw)Power Consumption (Kw):21
    Minimum Water Pressure (Bar)Minimum Water Pressure (Bar):1.5
    Break TankBreak Tank:Type A Air Gap
    Waste TypeWaste Type:Gravity Waste
    Water SoftenerWater Softener:Optional
    WarrantyWarranty:3 Year Parts, 3 Year Labour
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