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  1. Kings Reach - Dishwashing & Glasswashing Areas

    Kings Reach - Dishwashing & Glasswashing Areas

    This project was commissioned by a large independent brewery and set out clear requirements for the design and installation of a large commercial dishwashing area to serve a newly built restaurant in Hertfordshire. This was supported by the installation of a re-designed glass washing area that was suitable for meeting the requirements of a busy, growing pub.

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  2. Preventing Dishwasher Rust & Pitting

    Preventing Dishwasher Rust & Pitting

    It is a common misconception that stainless steel cant rust. It can, but not how you would generally imagine rusting to occur. Stainless steels have very high resistance to rust thanks to their protective layers covering them, these fragile layers; only millionths of an inch thick, are created during the formation of the steel offer protection from rust.

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  3. Commercial Dishwasher Chemicals

    Commercial Dishwasher Chemicals

    To clean crockery effectively your commercial dishwasher will use set washing cycles in parallel with measured dosing of specially designed dishwasher detergents and rinse aids. Most commonly these products are sold in 5 litre bottles.

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  4. Pink Slime Build Up On Dishwasher

    Pink Slime Build Up On Dishwasher

    Keeping your commercial dishwasher clean is critical for health and safety.

    Not maintaining your machine can seriously jeopardise health and safety across your business. A poorly functioning machine can increase the risks of food poisoning for your customers and affect your food hygiene rating.

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  5. How to Descale a Commercial Dishwasher

    How to Descale a Commercial Dishwasher

    Your dishwasher is a vital part of your kitchen, serving dirty plates to customers won’t be as forgivable as an overcooked Rump Steak. Limescale builds up in your machine can be detrimental to your businesses hygiene rating. To provide sanitation dishwashers reach a temperature of 82.2°c, limescale can build up around the heating element decreasing the machine performance and capability of achieving high temperatures for cleaning.

    Limescale build up will lead to mineral deposits forming on your plates. This will appear as a white film on your dishes. So how do we tackle it? 

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  6. Inside a Commercial Dishwasher

    Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the machine when you run a wash? It’s something that we have been wondering about for a while here at Industrial Warewashers, and so we thought we’d see what we could find.

    Thankfully, a helpful YouTuber by the name of RandomRazr has the answer for us, at least for an under-counter model. With a waterproof GoPro and a light inside the machine, along with the regular load, we can see the machine in action from an all-new angle.

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  7. PAT testing in your Business

    PAT testing in your Business

    What is PAT Testing?

    “Portable Appliance Testing” more commonly known as a PAT test is an inspection in the UK (as well as Northern Ireland, New Zealand and Australia) in which electrical appliances are checked for safety. The Testing encompasses a visual inspection of the equipment including any flexible wires or cables to determine their condition. Also, when necessary verification of Grounding (earth-wire) continuity and a test of the status of the insulation between parts carrying current and any metal that is exposed that could potentially be touched.

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  8. Fagor LVC21 Commercial Dishwasher 500mm Basket

    Fagor LVC21 Commercial Dishwasher 500mm Basket

    Say goodbye to the Fagor LVC21 Dishwasher 500mm Basket

    From time to time, innovations require the replacement of an older model with a brand-new machine, which offers new functionality, but still performs the same features that you have come to know and love in your current machine. Until recently, the Fagor LVC21 Dishwasher was highly popular with cafes, pubs, and restaurants thanks to its complete automatic operation, mostly stainless steel construction and capacity to handle 24 racks an hour.

    Welcome the Fagor CO502DD Dishwasher

    Introducing the Fagor CO502DD Dishwasher, a part of the all-new Concept range of under counter dishwashers which usually combine found on the higher end machines with robust construction and energy efficiency in an affordable package.

    The double-skinned all stainless steel cabinet makes for a new model that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides noise insulation that ensures the unit is suitable for the front of house i

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  9. COSHH Guidance for Commercial Dishwashing

    COSHH Guidance for Commercial Dishwashing

    Why is COSHH Relevant to Catering?

    COSHH is an industry standard abbreviation for ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health’. It should be considered as being ‘of significant importance’ to catering establishments as the ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002’ outlines a responsibility for all employers to either prevent or reduce employee and customers exposure to substances that are hazardous to health.

    Many of the chemicals that are used throughout restaurants, pubs and catering environments will carry some level of risk, be it a danger to the environment if improperly disposed of or toxic to health if wrongly used. This is particularly true for stronger cleaning chemicals that may be used to clean surfaces, kitchen or washroom areas.

    Reluctantly, there is an obligation on catering establishments to perform some level of risk assessment and (where necessary) provide adequate safety measures and best-practices guidance to employees u

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  10. How to remove lipstick from your glassware

    How to remove lipstick from your glassware

    Most pubs want to attract as many women as possible to drink within their establishments. More women will usually encourage more men (more drinks sold) and an envious pub atmosphere that every publican wants to achieve.

    Having more women at your premises consequently increases the number of lipstick stains. This can potentially lead to a drain on profits caused by replaced drinks. Banning lipstick, however, is not a viable option so what can be done about these stubborn stains being discovered on your wine glasses, champagne flutes, and even beer glasses.  

    If you follow some of these simple tips removing undesired lipstick stains from your wine (or beer) glasses will no longer need to be a troublesome task.

    Homebrew techniques:

    1. Rubbing salt can be gently massaged into tougher stains will help remove the stain. These can then be washed in your glasswasher as usual.
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