General Dishwasher Operation Instructions

The operating instructions provided below are generic operating instructions for every commercial dishwasher. Therefore, it is important to note that none of these instructions are exact for your machine. You should always refer to the manufacturers handbook provided at purchase for important operations and maintenence.

Before Switching On The Machine Check:

  • Machine is empty
  • Wash tank(s) are clean
  • Filters/Strainers (and curtains if applicable) are in position
  • Wash arms and jets are fully located
  • Rinse arms are in position
  • Drain plug is located
  • Detergent & Rinse Aid containers are full and without an airlock

Filling The Machine:

  • Check machine is ready for filling
  • Switch on at wall isolator
  • Close door(s)
  • Switch machine on (filling will commence)
  • Wait for machine to reach operating temperature
  • The machine is now ready to wash.

Washing Procedure:

  • Always rack correctly
  • Select the correct wash cycle
  • Slide rack into washer
  • Close door (if appropriate)
  • Allow washing to commence
  • Complete the full wash cycle without interuption
  • Allow dishes to dry prior to stacking
  • Always allow the machine to automatically complete the full washing process
  • Never interrupt the wash program
  • Never forcibly increase the rack throughput

Washing Plates:

  • Ensure that you correctly rack the plates
  • Use plate basket rack
  • Always place plates, bowls facing downwards for best washing results

Washing Cutlery:

  • Use correct racking or cutlery containers
  • Always place cutlery handle downwards
  • Don't mix with other items unless racked correctly


  • Always pre-spray to remove excess soil
  • The machine is NOT a waste disposal unit
  • Not pre-rinsing will lead to poor wash results, and might also lead to expensive breakages that would void any warranty on the machine and cause the machine to stop working.

Upon Completion Of Service:

  • Switch off machine and isolate
  • Open doors and drain machine
  • Remove filters/strainer, (strainer baskets, curtains if applicable) and clean
  • Check wash jets and clear if necessary
  • Remove all food and debris from tank
  • Clean the wash tank
  • Replace all removable components
  • Leave door ajar to allow machine to dry

Chemical Checklist:

  • Always observe safety instructions
  • Never mix chemicals
  • Always ensure feed tubes are correctly placed in containers
  • Always ensure that there is sufficient chemical for the service period
  • Always observe COSHH regulations (printed on chemical containers)