Classeq ECO1 Front Loading Commercial Glasswasher

Out With The Classeq ECO1 Glasswasher

There comes a time when innovation is the only way forward and glasswashers (and the ware washing industry in general) are no different. Previously, the Classeq ECO1 glass washer had been one of the UK’s bestselling under counter glasswashers but it has now been superseded by a new model.

The Classeq ECO1 was particularly popular with pubs and restaurants thanks to double skinned doors to reduce heat loss and lessens noise in operation, which made it great for front-of-house installations. It was a powerful entry-level small glasswasher that could clean up to 360-pint glasses per hour. Removable rack guides and wash chamber door also allowed easy cleaning and simple service access. However, the Classeq ECO 1 glasswasher fell short of many of its competitors' thanks to manual switchgear, mechanical dial controls and a lack of WRAS approval.

In With The Classeq G350 Glasswasher

Introducing the Classeq G350, a direct replacement for the deprecated ECO1 glasswasher. Completely re-designed from the ground up, the Classeq G350 provides a simpler more effective glass washing system.

Lessons have been learned from the dated look and feel of the ECO1, and now the G350 offers sleeker and more streamlined design. Finished in higher grade stainless steel, the G350 surpasses the Classeq ECO1 in terms of quality.

On top of the design, practicality for catering establishments has been addressed. Unlike the ECO1 glasswasher, The G350 also comes with WRAS approval, which is great news for restaurants and high-risk areas.

Technology has become paramount to glasswasher design, and that’s why we see the new G350 featuring built in software that continually monitors water usage, temperature, chemical levels and wash cycles giving valuable data used to improve operational efficiency.

Many of the features of the ECO1 that we knew and love remain and the G350 still features a 2-minute wash cycle, a double skinned door providing quieter and cooler operation, hot or cold fill options, integral automatic detergent and rinse aid pumps.

One wash cycle will fit 12-pint glasses in the 350mm basket and can run 30 cycles in one hour, that’s 360-pint glasses per hour meaning the G350 is still more than equipped for busy pubs, restaurants and other business in the hospitality trade.

Our Conclusion

Bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants with a Classeq ECO1 that are looking for a direct replacement should consider the G350 on their next upgrade. It provides all the necessary features operators have come to know and love, with some innovative new features.