Jeyes Professional C5 Heavy Duty Descaler (5 Litre)

Jeyes Professional C5 Heavy Duty Descaler (5 Litre)

  • Not to be used on enamel or marble surfaces
  • Not for use in domestic appliances
  • Suitable for use in commercial dishwashers,bains-marie and other catering equipment
  • Effectively removes heavy scale and all general soiling
  • Safe on stainless steel
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Do not use on enamel or marble surfaces 

  • Not for use in domestic appliances 
  • To descale domestic appliances Kleenoff Kettle and Shower Head Descaler is recommended



  • Fill with hot water to cover the scale deposit. 
  • Dilute 1:20 (250ml for 5 litres of hot water). 
  • Allow 20 minutes to react or until scale dissolves. 
  • Allow to cool, drain and flush thoroughly with clean water DISHWASHERS: Use in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Dosing systems should be switched off.
  • Rinse machine thoroughly with clean water after application. 


  • Dilute 1:20 (50ml for 1 litre of hot water)
  • Soak the item until the scale dissolves.
  • Rinse the item thoroughly. 


  • Dilute 1:50 (20ml for 5 litres of hot water). 
  • Apply the solution to surfaces or equipment with an inert spray (i.e plastic watering can).
  • Leave for 30 minutes and then thoroughly rinse off. 
  • For heavier deposits or where scale persists, repeat the procedure 
  • Use only as directed. Caution To avoid damage, contact with copper, brass, aluminium, gold plated or chrome plates items should be limited to a one minute contact time before rinsing off. 
  • WARNING - Keep Bottle upright 
  • Do not use with other chemicals 
  • Do not use on enamel or marble surfaces 
  • Not suitable for use in domestic appliances 
  • To descale domestic appliances Kleenoff Kettle and Shower Head Descaler is recommended
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Model NumberModel Number:JPC5
Capacity (L)Capacity (L):5
Chemical TypeChemical Type:Descaler
Packaging TypePackaging Type:Liquid
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The Jeyes Professional range has been specifically designed and formulated for use in the catering and hospitality industry. Years of industry experience has been utilised to provide commercial catering and public sector outlets with a comprehensive range of high quality chemicals in well packaged, appropriately labelled and easy to use product lines. Each is purposely formulated for the tasks that are faced daily by commercial kitchens, restaurants, canteens, hotels and bars.

We can provide customers purchasing Jeyes Professional chemicals as part of a contract (or wishing to switch) with expert advice and product comparisons. Each account receives access to our Online Hygiene Management tool which includes safety & regulatory support, educational & training tools and task based guidance for the catering industry. The service is designed to allow customers to provide staff with relevant and bespoke support materials, reducing the cost of managing cleaning and janitorial chemicals. For further information, please contact our Customer Support Team. 

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